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Reflexology helps to reduce Stress and Tension, Improve Circulation, and encourages our bodies to heal naturally without any adverse side effects encouraging homeostasis. Our bodies have the ability to heal naturally following illness, stress, injury or disease. Whenever our bodies are in a state of “imbalance” and our vital energy fields are blocked, preventing manour bodies from functioning effectively, the effect is felt throughout our entire bodies. Reflexology can be used to restore and maintain our body’s natural balance and encourage healing naturally through regular sessions.
womanIf you live with any of the following, ( Insomnia / High Blood Pressure / Migraine / Headache / Sinusitis / PMS / Hormone Imbalance / Digestive Issues / Back Pain / Shoulder Pain / Neck Pain / Arthritis Pain / etc.). Reflexology can help. kidReflexology is not a miracle cure, will not solve the issues with simply one visit, although with regular reflexology treatments, the advice of your medical doctor(s), and time, reflexology can help you to live life to its fullest.
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